D. Owen, Inc. provides three several types of straw. 

  1. Stripper Straw- Bedding
  2. Erosion Straw
  3. Feed Straw- Retail, Dairy, etc.

Straw is used for many purposes and we provide the different kinds that are most popularly used. The most common is the Feed Straw. You will see these more commonly as decoration in the fall, in the feed stores, sometimes as bedding, and also used in dairy farms. Although straw does not contain nutritional value, dairy farmers use it to keep their herd full and happy, but they also mix it into alfalfa so they still get the nutritional value. Stripper straw is primarily used as bedding in the horse racing industry. Erosion straw is used in prevention of erosion, hence the name!

We provide straw in two different forms, big baled rolls or 3 string bales.


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