About Us

D. Owen, Inc. is a wholesale hay distributor operated out of Temecula, California. We have been delivering hay, grain, and bedding to Southern California for over 20 years and are currently selling feed coast to coast. Our most popular counties we deliver hay to include San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Imperial, and San Bernardino.

Our focus is to provide our customers with the highest quality feed, grain, and bedding at the best wholesale pricing available with 100% guarantee. Our most popular products are alfalfa, orchard, timothy, bermuda, shavings, wheat straw, and Canadian oats. To meet specific feed requirements our customers need, we also offer premium hay such as orchard alfalfa mix, premium timothy, premium alfalfa, and premium orchard. To ensure this premium quality of wholesale feed, we purchase from the top farmers located in Imperial Valley, California, Northern California, and Oregon. The alfalfa and bermuda grows best in hot and dry environment so finding the top farmers in the Imperial Valley is the best option for consistency, quality, and price. As for the orchard and timothy, they grow best in a cool and moist environment so we contract with farmers in Northern California and Oregon. Because feed consistancy, quality, and price are important to us and our customers, we have contract pricing with the farmers allowing us to share the savings.
By the farmers giving us contract pricing, it allows us to pass on the low prices to our customers. Several ways to obtain the low feed pricing is by a year round pricing contract, annual feed plans, and/or split loads. Since planning ahead with the farmers is beneficial, we have a large hay inventory that is all 100% guaranteed. To ensure our customers with top quality hay we frequently get our hay nutritionally tested, providing the most recent results on our website. If you have any questions about our feed products, delivery, or pricing please call our offices at (951) 676-7383.


We are currently supplying feed to horses competing in the Kentucky Derby, National Finals Rodeo, and multiple disciplines at Grand Prix level. Along with selling feed to top performance horses, we also supply forage to boarding facilities, training stables, lay up farms, breeding facilities, amusement parks and entertainment, and the single horse owner.

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